Understanding Autism for Managers

Diversity in the workplace enhances productivity and results in greater creativity and innovation. Managers who understand autism and how to bridge social, behavioral and communication differences between themselves, autistic employees, and non-autistic employees can reap the added value of neurodiversity in the workplace.

This training program for managers presents strategies on communication, organization, and clear guidance on providing feedback. All strategies help to optimize employee productivity and retention. Gain the confidence and understanding that you need to effectively manage autistic employees.

In this training you will:

  1. Gain a base understanding of autism
  2. Learn to appreciate differences in need for structure, routine, and flexibility
  3. Learn clear communication and effective feedback strategies
  4. Understand the impact of workplace culture, job requirements, expectations, priorities
  5. Learn key supervision strategies for productivity and retention
  6. Learn about universal design and how to create a workplace that fosters optimal potential for all

Understanding Autism for Managers is part of our Optimizing the Workplace series.

To learn more and to bring the Optimizing the Workplace series to your company please visit our Consultation page and fill out the contact form.

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